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Transportation, Household chores, Errands & Deliveries For Seniors and The Disabled

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  • Our Mission

    Acorn Errand Services mission is to make everyday life easier for seniors and the disabled. Acorn is an online platform where seniors and the disabled can find trusted service providers to help them get things done. Things like household chores, pick up and delivery of medications and groceries, transportation to the doctor, meal preparation, help with personal hygiene and so much more.

  • How Acorn Errand Services works ?

    1. Browse and book

    Start by searching for the service or errand you need help with. We will show you a list of available Acorn Helpers in your local area. Once you find an Acorn helper you like, simply send your request, date and time you need the service to them and they will contact you to confirm and work out any details.

    2. Pay Acorn Helper

    Meet with your Acorn Helper on your confirmed date of service. After the service has been completed, pay your Acorn Helper.

    3. Review Acorn Helper

    If you are satisfied with the services you received, you can leave a review based on your satisfaction and the quality of service you received. A great review is the best way to show your appreciation for your Acorn Helper

  • Ready to get started?


    Get help with anything you need done from household chores and errands, deliveries of groceries and medications or transportation to medical appointments and much more.


    Becoming an Acorn Helper is a great way to make extra cash to growing your own small business. It’s also a way to make life a bit easier for seniors and the disabled by helping them with small errands and services.

    Pay only 1 time $21 connection fee and the client is all yours!